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Great audio and video production starts with a studio designed and built to capture sound and video performances with clarity. Our recording room is acoustically engineered and configurable for many different applications - whether its capturing a stellar vocal track for a song, the beautiful sound of an acoustic guitar, the compelling voice of a podcast or audio book, or a high definition YouTube video production.  Contact us to talk about your project - let's start working together on making your vision a reality!

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Control Room

The control room is where our sound engineers and producers operate professional audio mixing consoles, effects units, and computers with specialized software suites to manipulate and route the sound and video for digital recording on hard disc and/or live broadcast.

Recording Room

The recording room is where the show goes on - whether is a vocalist singing a song or a live video podcast. A large picture window allows for clear visual communications, while an audio feed between the two rooms provides for verbal communication between the performer and the engineer.  

Music Configuration

For music, the recording room comes set up with the proper acoustic treatments and everything needed to make a record or soundtrack, including microphones, keyboard, guitar effect pedals and beat-making hardware used in the creation of today's music.

Podcast and Audio Book Configuration

The room can be quickly configured into a world-class podcast booth, with additional acoustics treatments added that create a recording environment for crystal clear voice.  The room accommodates up to 4 people and can support call-in participants via the Internet.

Video and Live Broadcast Configuration

In a matter of minutes, the recording room can be converted into a full video production environment, complete with diffused lighting and a "green screen" for creative productions.



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Control Room January 2020.JPG